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With Saint Patricks Day coming this weekend, luck has been on my mind, what it means and how we’re lucky in our lives. Our furriest team member, our little dog Danny, reminds us every day about luck and how this rescue dog found his way into our lives.

We found Danny on, among thousands of strays advertized for adoption. His story is a confused one, and from the sorted papers on him we can only assume he has now been in three states, at least one shelter and four homes. It’s hard to imagine how anyone could give this little guy away.

Going on only what people said about him over the phone and his biography on the website, we took a chance that he was meant for us. It was the smartest gamble we’ve ever made. He was delivered to us in a large van that drove non-stop from Tennessee to Rhode Island, packed with kennels holding as many as two to three dogs.

We were like new parents, nervous and prepared as much as we knew to be, having read all the books we could find on adopting a dog. But nothing could have prepared us for how we would feel adopting a rescue dog. It’s a jumbled mix of joy, sadness and overprotectiveness. With his doe eyes and nervous scuttle, we know he’s seen more than his share of stress and fear. He came with his own pile of baggage, just like anyone carries around. It only reminds us that we did the right thing.

Three years together have brought a little more trust, and a lot more fun. Danny loves coming to work, and curling up by our feet. He has taught us more about how things have a funny way of working themselves out over time. His story is now intermingled with our own, and we are the luckiest ones.

If you have any questions about how to adopt a rescue dog contact Chris Gillis Design.