‘Flat Design’ or Swiss Design?

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There’s been a lot of discussion lately on ‘Flat Design’ out in the design world, particularly among desktop and mobile UI designers. I’m excited that the ideal seems to be shifting from 3 dimensional design for the screen to a more utilitarian approach like the old mid twentieth century Swiss print designs. After all, this […]

Craigslist Joe

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We make our living on the web. Working with people all over the world, we find most communication is through e-mail and Skype. We rarely meet our clients in person. It sometimes seems strange to conduct a business in this way. Who is that person on the other end? Therefore, when vacantly scanning through the […]

Fetching a Living?

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What does Fido know about business? I have to be honest. My dog has taught me so much about how to be a better human. He stays in the moment, never holds a grudge and never stops seeing the excitement in any given situation. But seriously, are there ways we can learn from dogs about […]

Goodbye VW Kombi Van, Hello Smart Branding

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This year marks the end of an era for the VW camper van. A moment of silence please. After all, that van appears in my top 10 favorite childhood memories. It was the early 80’s. A hand painted sunset sprawled across the entire side of it, with rust bubbling just beneath the surface along the […]

Holiday Survival Guide

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The holidays are such a wonderful opportunity to connect with friends and family, some that we rarely see. Actually, we get so thrilled to celebrate and give of ourselves, that we often neglect our health during this time of the year. Sick and tired, we drag ourselves to this party and that. Shopping until the […]

‘Resolutionary’ Design – What Retina Means for You and Us

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Recently, Apple coined the word ‘resolutionary’ to describe the enhanced visual experience using retina display in the latest version of the iPad. Best defined as increasing the amount of pixels in order to sharpen the visual experience on a mobile screen, Retina Display is one of the newest innovations in the technical world. It’s the […]

Design Seva

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“Be the Change you wish to see in this world” – Ghandi In yogic tradition, “Seva” is a sanskrit term that translates to giving of yourself without expecting anything in return. It’s selfless service. Imagine that each of us helps another with the talent that we bring to the world. We might all have what […]

The Art of Design

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Art has been used since the beginning of time as a tool of communication. Our primitive ancestors painted on cave walls to illustrate their understanding of the world. It was a way of recording ritual and belief, and to identify as a people. Moreover, art has played a key role in how we understand the […]

Trust your Designer Series: Below the Fold

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What does below the fold really mean? This term sounds like it’s referring to the what lives in the gritty creases of your couch cushions, where you dig deep searching for loose change and remote controls. Just thinking of diving my hand into the abyss of crumbs and coins makes me grimace! The term actually […]

Trust your Designer Series: Does Size Matter?

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Launching a web product can be a big investment for folks, and we understand that it’s important to get what you want. In previous posts, we’ve provided you with tips that we think are helpful to get the best results for your money. After you’ve delivered your concept, and your well conceived content, it’s important […]

7 Things to Consider When Hiring A Design Shop

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Finding a good designer for the web can be overwhelming. We find that a lot of clients have wasted oodles of money on failed attempts, and poor design jobs before they ever reach us. To maximize quality and minimize cost, it’s safer to consider a few things before jumping in. To make the task a […]

Are you easy? The importance of User Experience Documentation in Design.

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Effective communication is critical. It can make or break your business. It’s one thing to grab the attention of consumers, but then how do you keep it long enough for them to buy something? Make it easy. Let’s face it, our culture is busy. Time is precious, and there’s always an easier and quicker way […]

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