Design Books That Have Helped My Career

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I’ve just started mentoring young designers over at bloc and thought I do a post on some of the books that I have picked up in the past years that have made a large impact on my design process and also freelance business.  This is not a complete list of books that ride on my shelves, […]

How I Work Remote

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I’ve just finished reading the new 37 Signals book “Remote: Office Not Required” (what a great read) and thought I’d share my experience and some of the tools I’ve been using for working remote over the past seven years. I live about 2 hours from the nearest city (Boston) on Cape Cod which is sandspit […]

A CSA Management App: Idea Exploration and The Business Model

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Please read Post #1 Exploring an Idea: A CSA Management Application before reading this next step. Idea Exploration So for about 25 years CSA’s have been a way for customers to buy their food directly from a farmer through a share of the years crops. Basically you lay out a few hundred dollars at the […]

Exploring an Idea: A CSA Management Application

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Over the next few months here on my blog I will be exploring a new idea that has been in my head for the past year or so. This idea will be taken from conception, to research, to user experience, to design and then possible launch. My goal is to show my design process and […]

New Year, New Site, New Focus

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New Year 2014 is already in full swing and looking back on last year for me on a professional and a personal level is something I enjoy doing every year. Professionally, I worked on some great projects that I have just put up on my site including Beerdog, Kabuto, Hapyak and Zappylab. I took a […]

iOS7: A Great New Beginning

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There’s been a lot of chatter lately after Apple introduced a sneak peek of the new iOS7 design that’s expected to be released this fall. Designers and consumers alike are shocked by the neon color pallet heavily influenced by the 1980’s Mark Gonzales Decks of old and inconsistencies in the icon designs. Overall, there seems […]

Writing Content for Your Website

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Writing content can be a little intimidating sometimes. Effective communication is key, and it can make or break your business. Your website is your chance to create an identity and convince others of your credibility and your product’s worth. No pressure or anything. There’s good news though. It’s not as hard as you think! With […]

Introducing Our First Mobile App!

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Chris Gillis Design is proud to announce the release of our first mobile app! HopScheduler is a timer app made for our fellow beer nerds out there that brew at home. Timing is everything to brew up some magic, and we’ve created this app to simplify the process and help you brew your best. “As […]

A Few of Our Favorite Apps…

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We can’t say it any louder: mobile technology has revolutionized our everyday lives. There are countless apps available to satisfy most any need. You can create grocery lists, pay bills, listen to music, play games, social network, diet, exercise, organize and much more. We’re so excited about a few that we’d like to share them […]


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With Saint Patricks Day coming this weekend, luck has been on my mind, what it means and how we’re lucky in our lives. Our furriest team member, our little dog Danny, reminds us every day about luck and how this rescue dog found his way into our lives. We found Danny on, among thousands […]

Google Glasses: Building a Higher Wall Between Us?

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Google has launched a video that introduces the google glasses technology, soon to be available on the market. It seems that wearing the glasses is like having your smart phone on your head, with voice activation. They have the ability to take instant pictures and videos hands free, and a lovely image of your recent […]

Is a College Degree in the Web Industry a Thing of the Past?

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These days the web industry is in a state of constant change. The moment you think you know all there is to know about it, something new arises to set your mind spinning. That means in order to exist in this realm, and make a decent living working in the web industry, you must stay […]

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