iOS7: A Great New Beginning

Posted by on Jun 14, 2013 in Articles, Business, Mobile | No Comments

There’s been a lot of chatter lately after Apple introduced a sneak peek of the new iOS7 design that’s expected to be released this fall. Designers and consumers alike are shocked by the neon color pallet heavily influenced by the 1980’s Mark Gonzales Decks of old and inconsistencies in the icon designs.

Overall, there seems to be a push towards the ever-trendy “flat design” from Apple with this operating system makeover, and people have been so upset that they’re even trying to solve Apple’s “design problems” on dribbble.

Why the shakeup anyway?

The way we see it, there’s much more at stake here to consider when looking at a design or re-design. We’ve been taught over the past few years that “Design in King”, but lets not forget that the final UI is also just a small part of a larger process that includes acounting, sales, marketing, engineering, product, etc. Each one of these departments has an agenda for the launch. There are trends to keep up with in order to reach untapped markets, demographics and other business objectives. Can you really fault Apple for staying in touch with trends by creating a new look? Should they have stuck with their skeuomorphic approach of iCal? I think not. Can the design be more refined? Of course it can, designs can always be refined.

In our opinion, it’s a great beginning towards a new look, and we’re looking forward to seeing the finished product when it’s released to the market.