Introducing Our First Mobile App!

Posted by on Apr 4, 2013 in Articles, Business, Mobile | No Comments

Chris Gillis Design is proud to announce the release of our first mobile app! HopScheduler is a timer app made for our fellow beer nerds out there that brew at home. Timing is everything to brew up some magic, and we’ve created this app to simplify the process and help you brew your best.

“As an avid homebrewer I was always setting multiple alarms and clocks in my kitchen on brewday to remind me when to add hops. My IPA’s can have up to 10 hop additions which can make setting all those alarms very complex.  I wanted to simplify that process so I could kick back on brewday, and that’s how HopScheduler came about.” Chris Gillis, owner of Chris Gillis Design.

The App helps ease your brewday. Whether you are brewing a simple Scottish Ale with one hop variety, or a complex Double IPA with 10 hops, HopScheduler simplifies your process.

First choose a boil time, and then add the hop varieties for your boil. Set the timer for each style of hop, and let it alert you when to add your hops. It’s that easy.

If you’re interested in buying HopScheduler, visit the app store. Have any questions or comments? Contact us.