Exploring an Idea: A CSA Management Application

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Over the next few months here on my blog I will be exploring a new idea that has been in my head for the past year or so. This idea will be taken from conception, to research, to user experience, to design and then possible launch. My goal is to show my design process and how I go from idea to concept over the period of one month.

I have a strong connection with growing food through sustainable and organic ways. I think the model of Community Supported Argiculture (CSA) can play a huge part in fixing our broken food system here in the US. It gets people back to the source of their food and includes them in the process rather than keeping them in the dark. I have been part of a few CSA’s myself and have always seen the lack of organization that I think technology could play a vital role in solving.

To explore an idea, I think its important that:

– You are passionate about the idea or industry you will be serving
– You take the time to explore this idea (inexpensively) to make sure it is a viable product

The blog posts that will be coming in the next weeks will include the following:

– Idea Exploration
– Understand the problem before trying to solve it
– Research
– What is the business model?
– Defining Customers (User Personas)
– Mapping out what users will do with the product
– Wireframing out the app(s)
– Simple Prototype & Iterations
– Digging into the User Interface Design

The first installation of this exploration will be up Friday Jan 24th.