A Few of Our Favorite Apps…

Posted by on Mar 21, 2013 in Articles, Business, Mobile | No Comments

We can’t say it any louder: mobile technology has revolutionized our everyday lives. There are countless apps available to satisfy most any need. You can create grocery lists, pay bills, listen to music, play games, social network, diet, exercise, organize and much more. We’re so excited about a few that we’d like to share them with you…

Spotify:  FREE online only/$10 monthly for offline use

This international commercial music streaming app allows you to browse music from most independent and major music record labels by artist, title, album, genre or playlist. It’s simple to use and at $10 per month most songs are available offline for use outside of your network range.

The Buddha Machine:  $.99

The mobile app version of an actual small plastic device previously released, this app plays calming music for the meditative mind. Playing nine tracks in a loop, it’s great as background music on a stressful day, or to tune into for a peaceful break while drinking Tea.

ThingList:  $.99

A practical app that lists things you want to reference later, neatly categorized as books, food, music, and others. Ever tried to remember that restaurant that was recommended to you, maddening right? Agonize no longer.

Couch-to-5K:  $1.99

Making a runner out of me after all, the Couch to 5K is remarkably changing my life by slowly building me up to running a 5K after 9 weeks using this app. It really is that easy for anyone to pick up, simply because you begin by running intervals and slowly build on it over time.

Tic Toc:  $4.99

Great for freelancers everywhere, this is a simple app that tracks time for you and appears in your Mac menu bar. We use this on a daily basis to track our client time.

Silkscreen:  FREE iPhone + $12.99 for Desktop app

Mobile app designers are celebrating everywhere because now they can use this app to preview their designs on iPhones and iPads. Just drag a file to Silkscreen on your desktop and a preview of your design appears on your mobile device.